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Daheedzee Indigenous.HEIC

Who We Are

Here to represent being Indigenous and proud of who we are!

Daheedzee apparel first established in the year 2020. Daheedzee is the Indian name that was given to me by one of our great elders in Angoon, AK. From our coastal tribe, I am Chaak (from the Eagle moiety) and Teikweidi (from the Brown Bear clan).  My name represents the brown Bear making way from the woods transitioning to the beach. 


Daheedzee Apparel explores various ways to express who we are. From being a mentor online through health & wellness to helping out at basketball camps/trainings. In a time like this, it is important for us to come together as a whole than to throw shade at one another. Daheedzee Apparel looks to expand to all states knowing that we are here as one as well with paving the way for our Indigenous peoples

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